Big Brother Season 19, Week 5 Spoiler Update

C & J share spoiler updates about Big Brother Season 19, Week 5:

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read unless you want to find out spoilers about the Big Brother, Week 5 feeds.

Ramses’ eviction leads to an explosive start to the new Big Brother week. Jody confronts Paul about flipping the vote. Paul unconvincingly says that Ramses was a last minute threat and had to be taken out. Paul said he doesn’t control Josh.

Elena and Mark are upset that they were blindsided but make up with Paul. Mark wins the temptation competition, securing safety from eviction. Jason loses and goes up on the block.

Paul nominates Cody and Jessica. Jody argues with Paul, which causes a temporary meltdown of their relationship. Mark and Josh get into it over the later banging pots and pans.

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