Big Brother Season 19 Week 3 Spoiler Updates

SPOILER ALERT: Do not read if you do not want to be spoiled for Big Brother Season 19, Week 3 feed updates.

It’s week three of Big Brother season 19 and it looks like Dominique is in the hot seat. Despite Alex being HOH, Paul still wields influence and has targeted Dominique. Paul didn’t like her talking about their alliance on her fake talk show and asking houseguests strategy questions.

Alex nominates Jessica and Dominique with the latter being the target. Christmas returns from a successful surgery. Jason wins POV and the plan is to use it on Jessica. Jason wants Raven nominated but Alex isn’t on-board.

Meanwhile, Dominique continues to bury her game by talking negatively about Elena and Paul. Talking about Paul is the catalyst for an early morning house meeting, which signs her Big Brother death certificate.

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