Big Brother Season 19, Episode 29 Recap + Week 9 Spoilers

C & J discuss Big Brother Season 19, Episode 29 and Spoilers

Alex and Jason both throw rogue votes at Matt. Unfortunately, Alex made a mistake since there was only supposed to one. The pair and Paul want to pin the vote on Kevin.

During the Head of Household competition, things get heated when Matt calls out Jason and Alex for not stepping down. Kevin is a target.

Paul calls Raven a compulsive liar, and a package shows clips of Raven’s outlandish claims. Jason puts Matt and Raven on the block. The showmance thinks Kevin will get backdoored, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

We also get into the latest spoilers for the week including who won Power of Veto. A fake fight also happened in the house. And the house guests’ treatment of a potential target gets discussed.

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