Below Deck: Mediterranean Season 2, Episode 11 Recap

C & J review Below Deck Mediterranean Season 2 Episode 11

Captain Sandy has to dock the yacht because of terrible weather conditions. The guests are disappointed but the majority finish out the charter.

Wes reluctantly announces Malia as his second in command. Bobby takes offense to this but keeps it to himself. Malia talks to Bugsy about making out with Wes and how she hopes people don’t doubt her work ethics.

Lauren overhears Malia and Bugsy’s conversation. She basically spends the entire episode letting everyone know. 🙂

Bobby confronts Wes about being unprofessional. He claims that he isn’t. When Bobby confronts Malia, Wes interjects and proves to be unprofessional.

After hearing about Wes and Malia from Lauren, Adam confronts them about the status of their relationship. Wes lies and says that they’re just crew mates. Adam says that he’s been led out.

The crew goes out. Adam, Bobby, and Max go drinking. Adam gets wasted and gets into it with Wes on the way back.

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